Most Popular Posts Widget

Most Popular Posts Widget


Today, We bring to you an amazing WordPress plugin. We called it: Wiloke Most Popular Posts Widget. It  allows you show the most popular posts in your sidebar.

Below is the detail of features:

  • Order By: The most commented / visited
  • Set Number Of Posts
  • Show the posts that are the most Visited/Commented in: This Week, This Month, This Day, Last 7 days ago, Last 30 days ago and Last 1 day ago.
  • Style: We offer you five styles:
    • Style1: First Larger Then Listing. Show all of the posts with post thumbnails.
    • Style2: First Larger Then Listing. The posts listing don’t show the post thumbnails.
    • Style3: The posts listing. Show all of the posts with post thumbnails.
    • Style4: Unordered List. Don’t show the post thumbnails.
    • Style4: Ordered List. Don’t show the post thumbnails.

We are using Wiloke Most Popular Posts Widget for this site:

It’s not only an amazing plugin, but also it’s a free plugin. You can download it here: wiloke-most-popular-posts-widget

Installing Wiloke Most Popular Posts Widget Plugin

After you have downloaded this plugin, please follow the steps below to install and active this plugin.

  1. Login into your website account.
  2. From the admin sidebar, click on the Plugins menu, Add new sub-menu
  3. Now, Click on Upload Plugin button then click Choose File
  4. Browse this is the file after you have downloaded above,  click on this and then click open.
  5. Continue, click Instal Now button
  6. Wait until the plugin is sucessfully installed to your server
  7. After the plugin has been installed, click Active

Using Wiloke Most Popular Posts Widget Plugin

  1. Now, From the admin sidebar, click on Appearance menu, then Widgets menu.
  2. You will see the widget with the name: Wiloke Popular Posts.
  3. Drag this widget into Your widget area. Play around with the settings, when you are ready, click Save button.
  4. Preview your site and enjoy it.



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