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October 5, 2020

Why should you have a mobile app for your blog, magazine?

86% of time spent on mobile devices is spent within mobile apps.

Whether you’re an online publisher, pro-blogger or have a news site, you can’t ignore this statistic.

A native mobile app makes business sense if you publish content online and have already built an audience.

Cost to Develop an App

The App is important to your business, but how much does it cost to develop an app? Please take a look the below screenshot:

It’s quite expensive and not everyone can pay for it.

HsBlog App – The best choice for you

HsBlog App Product was born after over a year of our hard work. The App has a great design, UX and it also comes with lost of useful features for audiences.

Let’s discover Killer features of HsBlog App!

Categories Slider

HsBlog App allows you can show up a list of categories on App Home Screen.

Reader can slide to see the hidden categories and click on View All to switch to All Categories Screen.

You can specify what categories you want to list on the Categories Slider through App Builder

HsBlog App Builder

Featured Articles

You can show top articles of each categories on the App Home Screen.

There is an All tab where mixed top articles of all selected categories.

After the All tab is top articles of each selected category.

You can customize Top Articles based on Popular Views, Top Views of this week, Top views of previous week or Popular favorites.

Video Slider

This feature allows you can embed Youtube Videos to App, It’s useful if you have a Youtube Chanel.

You can embed a Youtube Play list or Youtube Video Ids

Smart Swiper

It’s a killer feature – We put lots of effort to it! Reader can read Prev/Next article by a swiper.

Following Categories

Reader can pick up a category he/she is interested in. Every time You add a new article to this category, he/she will receive a notification of it.

History & Favorite Posts

If Reader like an article, he/she can use Favorite feature. All favorite articles can be reached under Favorites Menu on his/her Profile screen.

When Reader read an article, HsBlog also added it to History archive (Recent Read) as well.

Dark Mode

How Can You Design Your App?

HsBlog Cost

It comes with lots of features, great design and great UX. So, What is its price? It’s very cheap, 250$ per year.

You can purchase Annual (Theme & Build App Service)

Once you purchased this plan, We will care of everything for you from Design, Build App to Submit App to App Store and Google Play.

You can read License to know what’s different between (App not included) and (Theme & Build App Service)

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